10 Top #iPhone #Travel Apps

By Steve Barnes

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve BarnesApps can make your life simple just like the saying, “There’s an app for that”, implies. When it comes to traveling, the apps I mention below can simplify your life by reducing stress in many areas related to traveling. There are many well known travel apps out there like Tripit, but this list features some newer or “Off the beaten path” apps. Download this collection of the 10 top iPhone travel apps and make your next trip a true vacation whether it’s work or not!

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes1. Beepmo – (FREE) Beepmo is a LinkedIn fueled networking app that lets you search profiles of professionals around you. Imagine, at your next networking event, being able to have complete intel on many people in the room before you start up a conversation.

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes2. Hotel Tonight – (FREE) Hotel Tonight is getting tons of press and for good reason. Imagine that last minute work trip you have to take and how expensive that can be for your company. With Hotel Tonight you can book awesome same-day hotel rooms for up to 70% off.

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes3. SignEasy – (FREE) I have mentioned SignEasy before and here it is again because it is a life saver and super easy to use. I’ve looked at many of these “e-sign” apps and none are better than this one. Sign any document and send it right on it’s way via e mail. ‘Sign anything from anywhere” could me more of a true statement.

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes4. Dropbox – (FREE) Dropbox is the easiest and most useful cloud storage that I have ever used. Almost any file type from a PDF to a MOV can be at your fingertips to view, send or post from inside this app. Download Dropbox here and get an extra half gig of storage on top of the 2 gigs that they give you for free.

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes5. MapQuest – (FREE) Remember when turn-by-turn navigation devices were in the $800 range? MapQuest has changed the game in the GPS market and is the 1st app I open up when I arrive in a new city. It runs in the background and gets you there easily with its voice guided directions.

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes6. AroundMe – (FREE) AroundMe can save you tons of time hunting down gas, food or entertainment. Once you land at your hotel, it would be nice to grab a quick bite to eat? AroundMe uses your location to pull up anything from banks, movie theaters and gas stations to pharmacies, pubs and parking lots.

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes7. HearPlanet (Lite) – (FREE) HearPlanet is your own personal tour guide to over 300,000 locations by either searching or geotargeting. It features a fully integrated map view on top of many other fun options. There is also a premium version of the app where you can turn off ads.

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes8. Packing Pro – ($2.99) How many times have you forgotten your underwear or a toothbrush or your very important medications? Not any more! You can break down your needs by category and then save it all to a handy list. Take a load off your mind by never having to wonder if you forgot “it” again.

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes9. SitorSquat – (FREE) When you gotta go, you GOTTA go! How great to pull up the best restrooms in the area by map or list view? Charmin was brilliant to come up with this app and kudos to them for the “roll of toilet paper map icons” that help you find a premium bathroom in a few clicks. The restrooms are rated “Sit” if they are nice or “Squat” if you should maybe look for a better option.

10 Top iPhone Travel Apps by Steve Barnes10. LiftMaster – (FREE*) How many times have you worried to death that you left the garage open while away on a trip? The Liftmaster MyQ series of home automation will allow you a great night of sleep. You can see right on the app whether your garage door is up, you can open or close the door, and also know how long it has been open/closed. Another great use is the ability to open the door from the app for a delivery and then shut the door once the item is safe in your garage. The app will also allow you to control any lights that you have on your network with the MyQ accessories that are only $30 each. As far as home automation, this is the easiest to operate and most reliable that I have seen. *The free app works exclusively with the garage door openers that contain the MyQ technology which is fairly new. I purchased the system (which also has a small yearly service fee) and can’t say enough good things about it!