The 3D Virtual Tour: Inexpensive #Hotel #Marketing Differentiator

The 3D Virtual Tour: Inexpensive Hotel Marketing DifferentiatorWhen it comes to hotel and resort marketing, a 3D virtual tour is a very inexpensive marketing differentiator. This new virtual tour technology is changing the game with the way hotels and resorts are selling their space. Imagine the ability to show the different room type, complete with the real view and not some fake photoshop mock up. Travelers are smarter and smarter and they want a real representation of what they can expect when they check in. Our 3D virtual tours are also mobile optimized and can be seen on phones and tablets where a large percentage of travelers search for their next destination.

The are a few 3D virtual tour options and we have chosen Matterport 3D as our technology for many reasons including keeping the cost down, delivering the highest quality and delivering your 3D virtual tour quickly. The Matterport 3D system also offers many exciting options that the competition does not offer.

Below are several 3D virtual tour value propositions that can take your hotel and resort marketing to the next level without breaking your budget. The property you are about to tour is Cap Maison in St. Lucia, freshly named the #2 Best Caribbean Resort/Hotel by Travel & Leisure.

“Never before has a guest been able to walk through an ‘actual experience’ before they buy – this will help convert sales like no other medium that we have used in the past.”
-Ross Stevenson, GM, Cap Maison – St. Lucia

Room Types

The ability to show all your room types with a 3D virtual tour is huge compared to your competition showing a stock generic photo of their options.


The ability to show the exact view could lead to visitors booking a higher room class from the start of the travel process. Travelers can click on your 3D virtual tour and walk through the room and right out on to the balcony and take in the view.

A 3D virtual tour of special amenities like the spa, restaurants or fitness center can lead to secured revenue in anticipation of their arrival. The cost of the virtual tour is pennies and will deliver recurring ROI.

Group Space – Weddings

Your 3D virtual tour could work overtime for you with the ability to lure a large group away from the competition by letting the group organizer walk through your event space and see every detail and option that is available to them. Your competition TELLS them about their space and you SHOW them the space and let them interact with it like they are there.

Weddings are where the real power is with a 3D virtual tour. Have a romantic cliff top gazebo where you can host a wedding? The brides Mom is not going to jump on a place across the world to see a potential spot. But, she will click on a 3D virtual tour and be amazed at what she sees. The power to book a large event like a wedding by letting the key decision maker interact with the space will be a huge victory for your property.

Room Upgrades

The up sell is easy when the traveler can walk through the space on an iPad at check in. Our 3D virtual tour will give you the easy assist if you load your tours on an iPad and simply show it to your guest.

These are just a few ways our 3D virtual tours can help you with filling up your hotel or resort. The cost is minimal and the technology is maximum impact. Contact us for more information about taking your marketing of “space” to the next level.

Here are many more examples from Cap Maison.