3D #VirtualTours Supercharged with New @Matterport Features

matt3D virtual tours with a Matterport camera are already one of the most game changing marketing plays out there. Now, these virtual tours are off the charts with the new supercharged features just released by Matterport. Quite impressive the dedication the Matterport team has to their product and continuing to develop it to be one of the best “space” marketing tools we’ve ever seen. We are already seeing great success with our luxury clients as guests inform them that taking one of our 3D virtual tours prior to booking was a complete difference maker against competition. Our clients are also seeing great upgrade results giving potential guests the ability to walk the space before they arrive. If you are new to Matterport 3D virtual tours you can get up to speed here and then see all of the great new feature additions below using examples from some of our luxury hotel clients already with these features in action.

New with Matterport 3D Virtual Tours


Tons more info about your property can be added in a hideable box in the top left corner. This can include up to a 140 character description of your virtual tours plus general contact information.

Dollhouse/Floor Plan Off

We can easily disable your dollhouse/floor plan view which makes sense in many cases. Especially outdoor virtual tours where there really is no dollhouse and floor plan view to display. This is a well needed change which we are very happy about for clients that enjoy showing outdoor spaces.

Highlight Reel and Guided Tours

This is spectacular. Now our not so tech savvy friends can press a simple play button in the bottom left corner to be taken on an automatic guided tour of the featured space. This is quite impressive and easy to use as you can choose to show or hide the filmstrip scenes called the “Highlight Reel” at the bottom of the page. Unlike other virtual tours (panoramas, etc.) these also play perfectly and look amazing on mobile. Even the smaller iPhone screen looks pretty slick. This is a great feature that raises the value and simplicity of these tours drastically.
Virtual Tours Supercharged with New Matterport FeaturesThere are 2 ways a viewer can watch your highlight reel of your virtual tours and I will show you examples of both below. No matter which type of highlight reel is displayed, your viewer can “jump off” the tour and take manual control at any time if they want to explore the space in more detail. There are subtle differences between the two and both are every cool.

The Slideshow Guided Tour

Once the viewer opens up the filmstrip at the bottom, they can jump straight to any featured space or they can hit the play button and have a slideshow automatically play. Each scene will play for a few seconds then fade to black and on to the next scene. Viewers can always pause or take full control of the virtual tours at any time. This is a no frills approach that will go well with older demographics. Below dive into the Viceroy Anguilla Luxury 4 bedroom villa for a great example of the slideshow guided tour…

The Walkthrough Guided Tour

Once the viewer presses the play button they are whisked away on a sweet tour of your space flying from room to room. This looks a lot like a video and could be a great alternative for video in inside spaces. This is definitely a more aggressive view than the slideshow. It does a great job of moving from scene to scene and will keep the viewers interested. Below you can fly thru the St. Regis Punta Mita Presidential Suite as a great example of the walkthrough guided tour…

The best part? We will be offering all of these novel new features at no extra charge and they are retroactive to 3D virtual tours we have produced in the past. For more information, check out the official Matterport blog about their new Showcase 2.0 features.