August 30, 2016

About Drone Videos

bcs-copter-teaserWith the increasing popularity of drones for video production, many people are attempting to cash in on this relatively new technology by creating a wide array of production services. While the drones can deliver amazing videos and images the quality of the delivered production is what differentiates experienced producers from novices.

There is much more to the process than simply launching a drone and capturing an image. There are a number of factors to consider that marketers may not expect or even realize. Here are some of our recommendations and guidelines to follow to ensure that the overall quality and style considerations are fully realized for your brand.

As a marketer these are important considerations to ensure your message is being delivered in a captivating way that is both effective and efficient. Ultimately, paying attention to important technical specifications is vital. These and many more questions should be asked to make sure you are getting your money’s worth and that your ROI is as high as possible.

  • Is the company pitching you using a pro drone and camera or an amateur “Phantom” and Go Pro camera?
  • Are you being provided 4K resolution video which is 4 times the resolution of 1080P HD?
  • Can the drone operator provide work examples from well known brands?
  • Is the company fully insured with aerial specific insurance?
  • Is a drone shadow visible in the final product?
  • Is the video footage shaky or unstable?
  • Is there a visible “fish-eye” effect present?
  • Is the video the proper length for your audience?
  • Has the color been corrected?

Barnes Creative Studios – Check Out our Technology from Barnes Creative Studios on Vimeo.

There are many uses for stunning video from mobile apps to websites. As you get more and more social media viral action you want to make sure your video is the best it can be in a very competitive landscape. People are battling for eyes on the internet and NOBODY will watch a long, drawn out video that doesn’t get to the point.

Barnes Creative Studios delivers the highest quality production at the lowest prices. We have a perfect safety record and can provide a lengthy list of very satisfied customers all over the globe. BCS has worked with brands like Starwood Resorts, The PGA, Preferred Hotel Group, large commercial real estate entities, international boutique luxury resorts and many more.

Below are a few select demos that showcase the different styles of production offerings from Barnes Creative Studios:

U.S. Resorts – W Resort & Spa, Vieques, Puerto Rico

Commercial Real Estate – North American Properties

Golf Course Overviews – The PGA Cadillac Championship

Events – Atlantic Station Ice Skating

International Resorts – Cap Maison Resort, St. Lucia

Luxury Real Estate – Atlanta, GA 10,000,000 Property

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