Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing That Gets Results

Commercial Real Estate Video Ideas

Commercial Real Estate video has become the best way to showcase important assets. Since video and social media have become more important, it is a great time to ramp up your commercial real estate video marketing plan. Below are ideas that will raise your commercial real estate video to the next level. You will have the edge over your competition. Now more now than ever you can use the power of professional video production to make a difference in your marketing. In contrast, hiring based on cost could be a massive mistake and cost your brand.

Commercial Real Estate Video Production

A fully produced cinematic commercial real estate video is very popular. The luxury hotel market has the right idea using these types of videos to market the complete experience. You have to show the experience that you are offering and do it quickly. Show off your assets with high quality production that not only features your commercial real estate but also the area around your property. Sell with commercial real estate video images that match with the feel of your brand. In the example below, we were able to show off their rustic charm, a vibe for the neighboring shops/restaurants and the luxury amenities all in under 2 minutes. Let your commercial real estate video shine by telling your story not by a hard sell. As a bonus, you could take these scenes and break them down into highly targeted Instagram videos.

Matterport Virtual Tours

The use of our Matterport virtual tours for commercial real estate is a novel approach. Below see this new state of the art technology that greatly exceeds the old “360 Panorama Views” of the past. There are many benefits to these tours. Matterport virtual tours give 24/7 access to your potential renters and the ability to completely submerge yourself in any “space”. Imagine all the potential renters coming from other cities and how they can get right into your space. It is just like being there. Also, all tours are also mobile friendly and look excellent on iPhones and iPads.

Drone Panoramic Images or Video for Pre Construction Area Context and “Coming Soon” Views

These new media examples are very popular as an approach when you have no asset built, yet. Since there are a myriad of content ideas you can present in unique ways. Commercial real estate video embedded within a panorama is very powerful. Here is a detailed explanation of our “power panorama”.

commercial real estate video idea produced for CBRE

See a live example of a commercial real estate video idea executed for CBRE

Here is an example of a new upcoming property being marketed with a drone panorama of the area. In this CBRE project we called out the area where the future building will sit and also added context showing the exact location. Finally, the key stakeholders gave a brief video description of specific project characteristics.

Secondly, here is an example using drone video to show future views for a mid-rise or high rise project. This project for Kim King used drone video to show future specific condo views, but also used drone panoramic images to show 360 views from each floor.

Drone Video and Matterport Virtual Tours Combined

We enjoy mixing amazing technology for fabulous results. This example joins drone video, Matterport virtual tours and some text special effects to market a huge office space.

Construction Updates – Drone Video

Another way to offer a unique perspective of your project on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis is a drone video update. This use of commercial real estate video offers tremendous value for marketing, but also for social media, recruiting and much more. The Miami Cancer Institute uses their monthly updates to update key stakeholders in the project. Executives also use the video in personal and group meetings.

In conclusion, these ideas are game changers and we are seeing more and more commercial real estate companies looking to use them with their upcoming marketing. Smart.  Please, contact us if you have interest and we can answer any and all of your questions. You can see our commercial real estate video portfolio here.


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