#CRE Video: This New 3D #Technology is a Winner

Commercial Real Estate Video can be a huge differentiator with a commercial real estate listing but the budget isn’t always willing to permit video production. In a perfect world you planned for a cinematic video production. In the real world sometimes you have to find a cheaper alternative. Good news! We have an incredible package that leverages our Matterport 3D virtual tours to produce a high quality video fly through of your listing. For added punch, we use our state of the art drones to capture the context of the listings’ area to show the world around your listing.

“We strive to present our clients’ properties in the best possible way and Barnes Creative Studios has helped us leverage all of the latest 3D and video technologies. Now, prospects can fully explore this amazing loft studio from anywhere in the world with clarity that has not been possible before.” – Jeff Pollock, Pollock Commercial

The other great part of this commercial real estate video package is that you end up with two assets for your marketing. The first asset is a Matterport 3D virtual tour that utilizes cutting edge 3D technology to put your potential buy right inside your listing. This virtual tours offer unique “doll house” and floor plan views on top of the already captivating virtual tour. You can jump right inside this really cool studio space available below:

The next commercial real estate video asset is a unique 3D/Drone hybrid video that we were the first to produce. We use your 3D virtual tour as a base and add drone shots on the beginning and end to show context of the listing. Finally, we add some text special effects to round out the experience. Basically, your 3D virtual tour morphs into a 90 second amazing overall commercial real estate video marketing piece that you can embed in e mail blasts, load to YouTube and use in social media. The example below was created from the 3D virtual tour above.

Please, contact us for more information about producing one of these for your next listing?