How To Win Your Next Commercial Real Estate Presentation. #CRE

If you want to WOW them at your next commercial real estate presentation we have you covered. Imagine talking through selling your next multi million dollar deal with a live feed of your asset up on the big screen while you discuss all of the value propositions. What? Yes, that’s exactly what we can do for you at your next big commercial real estate presentation. Using the latest lightbridge technology from DJI we are able to send a full HD live feed from any location in the world right to the screen at your meeting. That’s impact. Impact that will leave an impression on your target that they will talk about for a long while. Very easily, we can help you stand out and sell your commercial real estate like a champion.

How to win your next commercial real estate presentation

A few potential commercial real estate use case scenarios:

Sale of a skyscraper: During your presentation you can cut to the live feed and talk your prospect around the area showing off the views, the nearby attractions and details of the building, and more.

Sale of a retail center: During your presentation you can cut to the live feed and showcase all of the retailers at the property, highlight the walkability, show off all of the parking, and more.

Sale of a multifamily property: During your presentation you can cut to the live feed and spotlight all of the amenities, feature nearby restaurants and retail, show the quality of the build, show the context of the asset to iconic neighbors.

Sale of a residential development: During your presentation you can cut to the live feed you can fly down streets showing off finished homes then zip over and show what’s to come in phase 2.

The commercial real estate possibilities are endless and the benefits are staggering. Your feed will be sent through our private server and connected in your meeting via your hosts internet connection. Not only can the meeting attendants watch on the big screen, they can also watch on their own devices if they can’t make the meeting. What about those that miss the meeting? No problem, they can watch the footage on demand at any time later.

Are you ready to take your commercial real estate presentation to the highest level? After working with commercial real estate rock stars for several years, my guess is YES. Please, contact us if you would like more information.