Luxury Resort Marketing w/ an Edge – Ladera, St. Lucia

Luxury resort marketing can be a tall task, especially perched on a jungle ridge 1000 feet above sea level. To call Ladera a unique resort is a major understatement. Ladera couldn’t be in a more perfect, tropical location as it sits high upon the Soufriere Volcano. Ladera is the only resort in St.Lucia located on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, overlooking the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. The much talked about Pitons are staring you down, begging if you dare to try and climb them. It’s a very majestic setting in southern St. Lucia. How do you market such a distinctive setting?

The challenge with luxury resort marketing is that usually the property is very unique and you need to go beyond the traditional channel of marketing. With consumers continuing to expect rich media in your efforts, you have to set yourself up for the win by taking note of emerging technology and understanding the value proposition that is offered from being an early adopter. In the case of Ladera their were two goals: show the experience in a way that has never been done before and capture the unique essence of their industry first “3 wall concept” to convey the special customer experience that awaits.

“We were very impressed at the level of quality with our property video and the 3D virtual tours…it’s like a movie trailer! It was truly a pleasure to work with the Barnes Creative team as their professionalism and creativity sets the bar high. I see now why they are chosen by the top luxury travel brands.”
– Shermael Charles, Marketing Manager, Ladera Resort

You have to WOW them and wow them FAST with luxury resort marketing. With the property video (above), the idea was to really impact the viewer with the location and how boldly you were positioned right in between the famous Pitons of St. Lucia. We also wanted to capture the true tropical vibe of the property including the intense sounds of nature and the lushness of the gardens and common areas. Capturing the romance element was also a must as you enter one of the incredibly lavish “3 wall” villas that put you in the palm of nature’s hand. There is no doubt when you arrive at Ladera which is the “money shot”. Everywhere you can stand inside the premises you are glaring at an interesting angle of the Pitons and Caribbean Sea. The Pitons are so famous they were even once captured in Superman II as Superman flew between them to land and pick some flowers for Lois Lane. That scene was filmed from the pool deck of the Caribbean’s first infinity pool which is owned by Ladera.

Now that this magical resort is setup in your mind, it’s time to dig in on a much deeper level and show¬†the future guest what it is like to be inside these novel villas. Our Matterport 3D virtual camera was the perfect tool to get the future traveler filled with envy. Standard photography does these rooms no justice. Each of them are crafted with such detail and depth. The ability to visit the space via 3D virtual technology raises the emotional impact which will create instant bookings. Ladera now has our 3D virtual tours for each of their room types which will take their luxury resort marketing to the highest level. Step inside one of the suites below and you can also see all of the room types if you really want travel lusting to overcome you.

Conde Nast Traveler calls them “One of the World’s Best Hotels” for a reason. Led by mega successful hotelier Olivier Bottois who has helmed some of the world’s most iconic hotels in the past, Ladera is thriving in the jungle. Some of their marketing materials say it best…”A View with a Room”.

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