#Luxury Travel – New #Marketing Technology That Fills Beds

Luxury Travel - New Marketing Technology That Fills Beds

The Viceroy in Anguilla

As Luxury Travel gains more steam, travelers are spending more and expectations are higher than ever.  As the competition in the billion dollar luxury travel market soars, we’d like to introduce you to some new technology that will set you apart from your competition. New 3D Virtual Tour technology has arrived and it’s a significant upgrade from the old panoramic image “tours” that many operators have on their websites today.

This new technology transports luxury travel shoppers directly into your spaces… from showcasing all of your room types, to your panoramic restaurant and bar, and breathtaking vistas. This technology is affordable, produced in 24 hours and will help you manage future guests’ expectations as they visualize themselves unwinding at your beautiful resort.

Below are some examples from a favorite of luxury travel fans all over the world…The Viceroy in Anguilla. Take a few minutes below and walk around this award winning resort as if you were there…


Luxury Travel - New Marketing Technology That Fills Beds

“When I saw examples of the new 3D Virtual Tours from Barnes Creative Studios, I brought them to Anguilla the next week. The ability for us to show off our room types and let potential guests submerge themselves in the space is huge. This new technology will redefine luxury travel marketing. The fact that it works flawlessly on mobile, unlike tours of old, was icing on the cake” – Suzanne Willis, Viceroy Anguilla, Public Relations

To even add even more layers to your marketing strategy, we can produce traditional videos from these virtual tours. These videos, when put on YouTube, will bring tremendous SEO value to your campaign. Below is an example of this type of video in action.

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