#VirtualTours: Killer New @Matterport Context Feature Now Live

Matterport continues to add serious value to marketing’s newest power asset, 3D virtual tours. We have been a Matterport provider for a few years and are proud to be one of their top global providers of 3D virtual tours to large brands like Starwood, Princess Cruise Lines, Viceroy Hotels & Resorts and many more. You can check out our entire 3D virtual tour portfolio to see the creative ways brands are using this amazing technology.

Matterport is serving up a new value proposition that supercharges virtual tours with contextual relevance. The new feature is called “Mattertags” and you can check out a live example below from Ladera Resort (Client) in St. Lucia below.

Change how you use Matterport Spaces to communicate with Mattertag™ Content by adding context to specific locations, objects, and features within your virtual tours. Mattertag Posts revolutionize the way virtual tours are presented and used. Now, your Spaces are a communication tool that connect your audience – whether it’s prospective homebuyers, remote stakeholders, or consumers – with the information they need. We are excited to share the official Matterport promo video which features some of our clients showing of the power of Mattertags with virtual tours.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours: Killer New Context Feature Now Live

Mattertag Content is useful for:

  • Driving deeper, longer, and recurring engagement. By providing key information in your Spaces, your viewers spend more time exploring, and will return to see changes.
  • Enabling immersive storytelling. Add context and detail beyond the visual presentation of a location.
  • Activating key features. Call attention to features that may otherwise be missed, tell why something is interesting, and point toward more ways to engage.
  • Surprising and delighting viewers. Empower your audiences to discover, learn, play, and share.
  • Augmenting collaboration and planning. Share notes, give instructions, and ask for key decisions with unprecedented context, wherever your stakeholders are.