Matterport Virtual Tours for Boutique Hotels to Compete – European Examples

Matterport Virtual Tours for Boutique Hotels to Compete - France ExamplesAs I write this from Pézenas, France it amazes me how far the power of Matterport virtual tours has traveled. During our European tour with stops in Spain and France, it’s evident that boutique hotels are seeing the value in investing in Matterport virtual tours to compete with the larger brands that have been executing the marketing power of Matterport for a few years.

With Matterport’s expansion into the United Kingdom in 2016 the echo has bounced around neighboring countries with excitement. The immersive 3D and VR technology for showcasing hotels will especially help smaller boutique properties showcase their value proposition highlighting unique spaces.

By delivering an immersive property experience, we are focused on giving people the ability to experience any space from anywhere in the world as if they were there.Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport

Barnes Creative Studios is one of the top global providers of Matterport virtual tours to hospitality. It’s important you investigate Matterport virtual tour vendors carefully as all are not creating equal quality virtual tours. It takes months using the camera in an actual production environment to understand the cameras limitations and powers. You can trust with Barnes Creative Studios that you will have a perfect piece of media every time. Here is a helpful list of things you should look for when looking for Matterport virtual tours vendors.