August 18, 2016

Matterport Virtual Tours For Cruise Lines

Matterport virtual tours for cruise linesCruise ship business is BIG. The ships are BIG. The battle for traveler dollars is HUGE. With technology at a rapid pace, there are more and more ways to promote these massive floating cities. Forward thinking marketers like Princess Cruises are the first major cruise ship operators to jump on our 3D virtual tours to showcase their massive vessels. They saw the massive marketing upside to having their cruise ship come alive in 3D to potential guests. Our 3D virtual tours are produced using the best 3D virtual tour camera on the market which is made by Matterport. They are mobile optimized with HD quality that is leagues above the virtual tours of the past.

The ability to let cruise shoppers come aboard and tour everything from the fitness center to the restaurants is a massive differentiator with all of the competition on the open sea. Showing travelers each type of available stateroom opens the doors to major upgrade conversions. Once a customer has seen our virtual tours versus the flat marketing images of competitors, there will be a definitive advantage when it comes to choosing the best cruise ship.

Below is one of the many 3D virtual tours for the Grand Princess and you can see the entire collection here.