ADA-Compliant Virtual Tours for Universities

Is Your College or University Leaving Anyone Out? ADA-compliant virtual tours for universities have extreme importance in regard to accessibility and the law.

Did you know that according to the most recent data available, 19% of all enrolled undergraduate students reported having a disability of some kind? And research from the
National Center for College Students with Disabilities, showed students with disabilities are less likely to feel welcomed or supported by their institution.

Step one in making them feel seen, considered, and welcome is to make it possible for them to research your institution of higher learning online. And that means making sure any virtual tours you have of facilities and dorms are 100% usable to those who need Americans with Disability Act compliance in place.

It’s Never Been Easier (or Smarter) to Do the Right Thing. You can have Barnes Creative Studios, the longtime leaders in accessibility for ADA-compliant virtual tours for universities, producing beautiful 8k resolution WCAG 2.1 AA compliant tours for you.  We can also make your existing virtual tours WCAG 2.1 AA compliant:

  • The only true WCAG 2.1 AA ADA-compliant virtual tours on the market.
  • A patent-pending 360 AG™ Accessibility Generator.
  • Virtual tour accessibility easy and streamlined inside one player.
  • No messy HTML accessibility attempts resulting in poor user experiences.
  • Low cost.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Full-service accessibility writing to speed you into compliance.
  • VPAT provided.

The Experts in ADA-Compliant Virtual Tours for Universities

Barnes Creative Studios has already worked with many of the top Universities and Colleges to make their virtual tours ADA compliant. In fact, why not take a quick look at what we recently did for Ole Miss in our video case study above.

"I got your name and number from our accessibility department. They had heard, I believe you presented a conference and they said, 'This is the only guy who can do it.'

An Invitation to Benefit Your Institution and Its Students, Faculty, and Staff

360 AG™, the 360 Accessibility Generator, is a web app solution that could not be easier to use and implement. Our solution works with virtual tours from companies like 3D Vista, KR Pano, Kuula, and many more. 

As we head into fall, there are many challenges facing colleges and universities. But exploring your facilities should never be a challenge for a prospective student.

If you haven’t yet, watch the Ole Miss video and check out some live ADA-compliant virtual tour examples, then let us walk you through how easy and cost-effective it is to create new media or convert your existing media to bring it into ADA compliance. Use the link below to book a day and time that’s best for you, and let’s start this very important conversation.

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