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Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Atlanta commercial real estate brokers have a secret weapon and many local teams are already taking advantage of it. What is it? You’re looking at it…Barnes Creative Studios. Barnes Creative Studios is a provider of virtual tours, videos, digital ADA compliance, and more. The secret is the savings that Atlanta brokers receive in Atlanta.

Barnes Creative Studios is based in Atlanta which means a steep discount on all of our services for Atlanta brokers and leasing teams in Atlanta commercial real estate, retail, multi-family, and more.

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Barnes Creative has consistently delivered the most impactful marketing tools for our commercial real estate projects.

The world-class virtual tours we provide are white-labeled and have 24 to 48-hour turnaround and you pay zero travel fees because we are right here in Atlanta. We already work with some of the biggest names in Atlanta commercial real estate like CBRE, Stream Realty, Bull Realty, and many more. We’d love to add you to this amazing list.

Take a look at this example for Stream Realty of an amazing opportunity in Atlanta where they have an entire floor to lease. Your customers expect to be able to virtually walk around your offering. A virtual tour can quickly rule you in or out of the lease, but if you don’t provide this context your potential leaser could skip your listing altogether. When searching for properties we’ve spoken with many who filter their search for listings with virtual tours first. Jump inside this current listing now on the world-famous Peachtree Street.

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For this example, we will take a look at a new office product to hit the Atlanta commercial real estate market called “WorCPlaces” by CP Group. “WorCPlaces” delivers an evolutionary work environment focused on design, customer service, flexibility, and wellness, per their website. What’s the best way to show off a unique asset like this? You guessed it…virtual tours.

Barnes Creative Studios has provided Atlanta commercial real estate brokers with virtual tours, videos, and more for over 20 years. We also are a Google partner which means we can put your virtual tours directly on Google Maps which provides massive search engine optimization value.

Let’s grab a Zoom or better yet a coffee in real life and we will show you how we can help you reach your sales goals with enticing virtual tours and videos.

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