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+2 Million Views

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6 Major Brands

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4 Awards

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High Rise (working case study title) is a tv/internet hybrid dramatic, interactive series created to generate revenue in multiple verticals using the latest technology fueled by social media and cutting edge multi-media.

The working case study received over 2.1 million views via social media and cable on-demand from Comcast (only tested on Comcast in the Atlanta metro area). High Rise integrates brands within the story from the beginning by using marketing personas of like-minded brands to build the cast and television experience. Major brands that signed on for the working case study were Airtran Airways, Verizon Wireless, Jaguar, Range Rover, Kraft Foods and Cousins Properties.

High Rise received 3 acting awards and 1 business development award during the working case study. This web/tv hybrid is designed to use the power of social media in phase 1 to form a loyal affinity audience than can be delivered to a television network as a base for the launch of phase 2. High Rise generates over a year’s worth of branded content and promotional activity/events for multiple like-minded brands.

We have developed a successful delivery mechanism and roll out plan that takes advantage of viral social actions to develop the loyal audience. High Rise uses audience input to help formulate the entertainment journey through shoppable brand components with trackable ROI.

Technology plays a clear role in the showcasing of our brand partners using Matterport virtual tours, virtual reality experiences, 360 interactive video and more to bring an immersive television experience.

Please, contact us for more information and have a look at the living case study below that was executed as a proof of concept.




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