Caribbean Green Eco- Luxury Travel in Dominica

Caribbean Eco-Luxury Travel in the Dominica Rainforest

This is not your typical Caribbean travel. It’s unlike any Caribbean trip I’ve ever taken and I’ve been on many. Secret Bay sets the luxury and experience bar high in Dominica (Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) from their tree-house-like breathtaking villas to a level of luxury service and hospitality that eclipses the best resort where you have ever stayed. Secret Bay’s core is built on privacy, luxury, customer service and customer experience. Each unit has it’s own amenities like a pool or hot tub, hammock and fully stocked kitchen. There is no restaurant. The chef at their Souce Shack creates all meals to your wishes and then your attendant delivers them to your villa. The attention to detail from the owner, Gregor, and Anna (Resort Manager) was meticulous. Before your travel even begins and through your departure, you are very well taken care of with kid gloves.

The accommodations are insanely beautiful and amazingly well made with architecture design by the famous architect Fruto Vivas. There are four villas and two bungalows on the property with all similar state of the art furnishings and each with very distinctive romantic views of the Caribbean. Some villas are perched on a Caribbean Eco-Luxury Travel in the Dominica Rainforestcliff and one is set into the rainforest (Zing Zing). They all have accordion glass doors that completely open up to the sea. Bugs are not a problem, unlike other islands, and you can leave your doors open all day. The resort is very safe, so you don’t really ever need to lock up your villa. The staff is very attentive and trusting and will feel like part of your family when you leave. Our attendant, Sara Lee, was very sweet, helpful and really added to your overall luxury experience.

I was very impressed by the technology in the villas and on the property. Wi Fi is fast and reliable which is huge for me, and not typical at other Caribbean resorts. The satellite for TV is also great with most American networks available and flawless reception. The air condition system is comfortable and reliable. The fully stocked kitchen and bathrooms are top notch and the hard wood floors are beautiful. All in all, the most overall luxurious accommodations I’ve ever seen in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Eco-Luxury Travel in the Dominica Rainforest

The dining experience is tremendous. You pick whatever you want from fresh fish or lobster to BBQ ribs or gluten free pizza. Chef Eric made me some of the best “fall of the bone” ribs I’ve ever had in my life. I’m from Texas…I know BBQ! There is no menu– you call it. “Whatever you want” is their motto. Same with drinks…ask whatever and you’ll get it. Go meet Jemma in the Souce Shack and ask her for the special iced tea/vodka combo. The Rum punch is addicting and, island natives say, an island aphrodisiac. Jemma is wise and great in the kitchen. We frequently allowed her to select our meals for us and we were never disappointed.

Caribbean Eco-Luxury Travel in the Dominica RainforestNature freaks will be in heaven with the lush surroundings. It can go from blazing sun to a 5 minute hard rain every 20 minutes some days. You definitely get the rainforest experience. Everywhere you look is a postcard waiting to happen. There are kayaks, paddle boards and two beaches. One of the beaches you can only travel to by kayak and when you get over there (2 min) you feel like you are on the tv show, Survivor. There is a large arch you can snorkel through, a hidden underwater cave and stunning cliff rock formations.

Caribbean Eco-Luxury Travel in the Dominica RainforestSecret Bay is on the cover of Travel & Leisure for a reason. It’s truly a unique vacation with the highest level of customer service and luxury travel available in the Caribbean. I won’t publish the name here, but there was a certain major female rock star that refused to leave because it is so incredible… even to the point of offering to buy the entire resort. I think we are all lucky that did not happen.

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