Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours

commercial real estate virtual tours

Virtual tours for commercial real estate were once something brokers dabbled with but it’s quickly becoming the new normal. Commercial real estate is pivoting to come up with new best practices for showing properties. In the future, key team members may travel to visit a site, but in these times it is doubtful travel will look like it did in the past.

The good news is that Barnes Creative Studios has been helping commercial real estate with property tours for years. We have options ready to go now that incorporate drones and cameras on the ground to help deliver context of your property to potential investors.

Steve Barnes spoke with CoStar News recently about virtual tours for commercial real estate, “Once travel resumes, no one is going to want to get on a plane right away for a first look at a $600 million development in Los Angeles, New York or Atlanta when they can get a great sense of it virtually”.

Great for Zoom Meetings – Give a Walk Through Like You Are There

Virtual tours have tons of power on many levels. They can be customized as far as you want to take them including everything you can imagine from images, live websites, videos and more all on top of mega high resolution 360 imagery from a professional drone and 360 camera. You can try one and see how easy they are to navigate below with a tour done for CBRE for a campus with leasing availability.

If you would like a 90 second overview of features included in this commercial real estate virtual tour watch this video below.

Now that you are a pro you can take the actual virtual tour for a spin below. The beauty of these virtual tours versus video production is the cost as tours are much more affordable for those on a strict budget. You can get a huge bang for your buck with virtual tours and the turnaround is much faster. You can mix and match areas of your project and easily craft an amazing virtual tour around any budget. All of our commercial real estate virtual tours are white labeled and will only include your branding. They look amazing on any device and you can try one right now below. Be sure and grab the screen and look around, up and down.

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