CRE Drone Video Production: Atlanta Braves & thyssenkrupp Power Up

CRE Drone Video Production

The power of CRE drone video production is imperative to stay competitive. Every commercial real estate project is important and your marketing materials will be judged with great scrutiny. It was our pleasure to work with architect firm Wakefield-Beasley and The Atlanta Braves Development Company on this over 200 million dollar project for thyssenkrupp. The new complex adjacent to SunTrust Park will include three facilities anchored by a 420-foot-tall elevator “qualification and test tower, the tallest of its kind in the U.S. and one of the tallest in the world.”

CRE Drone Production
A scene from the commercial real estate drone production video for The Atlanta Braves and thyssenkrupp

The CRE drone video production for the project included capturing the energy of a typical Atlanta Braves game day via helicopter and also “bringing to life” the future thyssenkrupp development with animated renderings of what was to come. As it sits now it is simply an empty lot near the corner of I-285 and Cobb Parkway.

The top secret production was especially challenging with the new tower sitting directly in the Dobbins Air Force flight path and just a mile, or so, from the military base. There were many calls and approvals from the base and the FAA who were very accommodating. We used helicopters, drones, swarming ground cameras and more to capture this exciting change to the Cobb County skyline. In 2 minutes watching this commercial real estate production you get a complete feel of the impact that is coming from this historical project.

It was an honor to be chosen by architect Wakefield-Beasley and the Atlanta Braves to produce this commercial real estate drone video. We worked very closely with Wakefield- Beasley designers calculating shots that would be the base to create digital animated renderings. Once created these “alive” renderings are “laid into” the drone and helicopter footage to created a mixed reality of how the area will look in early 2022 when the tower is complete.

Commercial real estate drone video production like this can be used in a myriad of ways from fundraising, public relations, marketing, recruiting and more.

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