Green Screen Branded Content Does NOT Have To Be Expensive

Green Screen Branded Content Does NOT have to be expensive

Green Screen Branded Content Does NOT have to be expensive. It’s amazing how much some companies get away with charging for green screen production. With all the technology advancements, it can be done at a fraction of what it cost just a few years ago.

Green Screen Branded Content Does NOT have to be expensive

One thing is clear. If you are a brand, the need for video branded content is paramount. Using a green screen studio is a great way to save on the bottom line and produce some nice thought leadership content. Your thought leadership in your vertical captured, and properly executed, online can provide serious search value to your brand. You probably have many branded content possibilities that you haven’t even thought of! Think about all of the material that you are on expert on and convert that information to video search power with a compelling video series. You could lead with education elements or have your own talk show interviewing other thought leaders in your space. The possibilities are endless.

The green screen is an incredible tool to produce really slick looking content when done correctly. Success is all about making sure you have the proper, and right amount of, lighting. Also, it is key to have a teleprompter…no matter what ANYONE says…it can be a lifesaver for you.


Barnes Creative Studios is now proud to offer full service green screen production for small scale branded content like monologues, thought leadership, talk shows, executive speeches or Presidential addresses. Always good to be ready for Presidential addresses! We can help you from conceptualizing your project all the way through post production. Contact us for more info for your next project?

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