Hotel Group Sales: Virtual Tours, VR & 360 Video to Convert Business

hotel group sales

Maximizing hotel group sales is the golden ticket for many hotel brands looking to raise profits for their property. Meeting spaces and unique group event spaces are a potent commodity and often hard to sell without an onsite visit from a meeting planner.

The latest advancements in technology are a boon for hotel group sales. It is becoming harder and harder to get a key marketing planner to visit your property frequently, especially with the amount of upgrades and enhancements that are going on with hotel brands. With hotel group sales continuing to be important to a hotel’s bottom line, the emergence of new media like 360 video, virtual tours, and virtual reality are the new deal closers.

There are many new media tools in our arsenal that some of the best luxury brands in the world are using to secure returning and new hotel group sales. Below a few case studies that exhibit 360 virtual tours, 360 video, virtual reality, augmented reality, 2D video and more.

W Hotel Midtown Atlanta – Hotel Group Sales with Virtual Tours

The W Hotel in midtown Atlanta has more meeting and event space than any W hotel in North America. With over 34,000 square feet in the heart of a booming hotel group sales market it is paramount that they make it as easy as possible to show off their space. Fresh off of a 20 million dollar renovation the W invested in our virtual tours and virtual reality experiences of every square foot of available space.

You should look at the actual media as the fuel for your hotel group sales efforts. The vehicle can exist in many different ways and can be as creative as you want to be. The key is that you can use ONE link to send all of your spaces to a meeting planner making it easy for then to explore your space on whatever device they prefer. They could walk the space on their iPad or iPhone or strap on a virtual reality headset and submerge in the space “like they are there”.

In the example below, there are multiple ways to explore the W meeting spaces like a floor plan, highlight reel or virtual reality glasses. Jump in and explore…

Cap Maison Resort & Spa in St. Lucia – Hotel Group Sales w/ 360 Video & more

Like make resorts in the Caribbean Cap Maison has an incredible location for hotel special events and buy outs. The ability to set up context of the resort on one page has tremendous power when pitching the group business.

In this example the vehicle to present to new media is what we call a power panorama. We create these panoramas merging dozens of HDR images together captured from a drone. This image alone gives a meeting planner major insight to the property and where their events could be held. Have a look around the property and you will see 360 videos (blue play buttons) from key areas around the resort. These 360 videos put you right into the resort so you can get an immediate sense of space. These 360 videos can also be displayed on virtual reality headsets like Oculus GO or Oculus Quest.

There are also virtual tours and standard video embedded which add more layers of discovery about the property for potential hotel group sales.

No Building, No Problem – Virtual Reality to Get Sales in Motion

If your property is in development we can help you by creating virtual reality from your 3D model, renderings or from basic plans. We can get as detailed as you want to get down to the light fixtures and carpet style. From a virtual reality experience we can also program and extract beautiful high resolution images 360 videos and 2D videos. Below is an example from The Hotel at Avalon where every single element is based on the real thing. If you were standing in the hotel today you would see the exact thing.

All of the media from the above examples can also be used individually on your website, in social media or in ad campaigns giving you marketing power beyond only targeting your hotel group sales efforts. Contact us for more information.

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