Hotel Video: How To Get 1000’s of Views in Less Than a Week. #LuxuryTravel

Hotel Video How To Get 1000s of Views in Less Than 1 Week

Hotel Video How To Get 1000s of Views in Less Than 1 WeekHotel video can be tricky. If you are not succinct in telling your story, you will lose your audience quickly. In some cases, brands have spent thousands of dollars on a hotel video without connecting with an audience because they didn’t tell their story. Instead, they strung together a collection of random and unpointed clips that went nowhere. In one case, we watched a property hotel video that started with THIRTY seconds of ocean waves before showing the property. Can you say tune out? In this day and age, you have to get to the point and focus your story with your property’s hotel video driving emotion with tempting imagery and the perfect music to set the mood for your brand. When you pair your hotel video with social media, you can get some serious reach to like-minded travelers as your audience consumes your brand.

When we were approached by Blue Waters Hotel and Resort in Antigua they had 3 goals in mind to accomplish with their hotel video.

Goal 1 – Produce a Property Video That Featured Their Complex Landscape

Blue Waters wanted to show their vast landscape in 2 minutes which is a lot of ground to cover. Most importantly they wanted to sell their amazing offerings without selling. Sell without selling is the new black. In the noisy, spammy space of social media you have to present your beauty and let the consumer do the rest by inserting their fantasies into your hotel video.

Goal 2 – Feature Their Showcase Villa

Every hotel has that sought after villa or suite that everyone talks about. The ability to showcase these prestigious accommodations add tremendous upsell scenarios.

Goal 3 – Spotlight All New Penthouse Suites to Repeat Customers and New Potential Guests

Blue Waters didn’t want a tired, flat image to introduce their fantastic Cove Penthouse accommodations. Instead, they wanted potential guests and return visitors to be able to walk right in like they were there. Using a 3D virtual tour presented a high value proposition. Future guests could roam the entire +3500 square feet on their own terms and see exactly what they were considering for a vacation.

A quick test on Blue Waters’ Facebook page showed the power of hotel video. Within 5 days, Blue Waters had surpassed 4,500 views of their new property hotel video. They also had over 100 shares/comments which is serious social media currency. This is in LESS than a week. Imagine what you can do with your new hotel video?

Hotel Video How To Get 1000s of Views in Less Than 1 Week

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