Hotel Video: This Post Generated over 1 Million Video Views

Hotel Video: This Post Generated over 1 Million Video Views

Hotel Video, when attached to a great post, can generate viral social media. Some ingredients of a “great” post are generosity, humor, emotional triggers, great imagery and more which all contribute to the viral success of a post. Viral is not something you can predict but it is a massive victory for a brand when it happens. Below you will see the post, the ROI and the secret sauce that we believe generated all of the action on this hotel video.

Hotel Video – The Post

This headline “Hotel Video: This Post Generated over 1 Million Video Views” is deceiving because it doesn’t even tell half of the story (more on this below with the ROI stats).  The stats on this post have blown us away. The client is Cap Maison which is a small luxury resort in St. Lucia. Before this viral post Cap Maison had about 17,000 Fans on Facebook. The post (contest) was active for 3 weeks and (below the post) have a look at the ROI. Worth noting, originally we sponsored the post but stopped it after spending $3.00 because of the velocity of the engagement. Also, worth noting the prize was a simple and routine prize that we give away quarterly…a 4 night “stay” with all-inclusive meals included. No airfare is included. Below is the live post as it sits now and below that are the stats as of the writing of this post.

The ROI – over just 3 weeks – on this 1 Post

  • Over 9,000 new Facebook fans
  • 1,086,872 hotel video views
  • Over 18,000 Likes
  • Over 19,000 Comments
  • Over 20,000 Shares
  • Over 3,900,000 Reach (from a page with under 20k fans at the start)

To say the post was explosive would be putting it lightly. For comparison, this small Caribbean resort got more viral action than major household name brands like Dove and Starbucks. Major brands like that have fans in the hundreds of thousands and should blow away a brand with only thousands of fans.

The Secret Sauce

The Hotel Video: The video we chose for the post wasn’t anything special. It was actually something we put together from scrap footage over a year ago. The key is that video is short and is heavy on vibrant images capturing the island, hotel and experiences at the hotel.

The Post: The post was a simple contest that had one element that fueled the viral hotel video action. The simple contest entry of “commenting with 1 emoji” is what made the magic. People love to express themselves and what better way that with 1 simple emoji that might win you a 4 night stay at one of Travel & Leisures top 25 Caribbean hotels for 2017?

If you want to have a post that generates explosive brand growth it is important to focus on quality, succinct content for your fans that has value. The post must be appealing to the eye both from an image POV and a context POV. Write a post and then edit and edit again. Extreme focus on a call to action that is EASY for a fan to perform can make all the difference.

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