Hotel Website Accessibility: Open Your Doors to Millions More Guests

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Hotel website accessibility is a hot topic. If ignored, it can be an expensive topic. More people want to see your hotel’s content. Why not open up the possibility of hosting more guests? You likely already know how successful including third-party media like videos and virtual tours has been for your hotel. Your visitors who consume that content love being able to get a real feel for what you have to offer. 

So having made that smart investment, who can all that great content reach next? What if you learned you could draw 61 million additional prospects to that content? Above all, it starts with hotel website accessibility for users that need to access your content with a screen reader. To put that number in perspective, it represents 26% of American adults. That’s who currently can’t use your third-party videos and virtual tours like Matterport, even if they want to.

Do What’s Right, and Benefit the Business with Hotel Website Accessibility

You have an opportunity to not only open the doors and make that vast additional audience feel welcome, but in the process make the world a little better (and livable) for those individuals. It’s a classic win-win in which you do the right thing by increasing accessibility for the vision and hearing impaired, which in turn increases your content audience for higher ROI on your content production.

The Numbers

5.9% of adults have a hearing disability [CDC]

4.6% have a vision disability [CDC]

4.46MM veterans have service-connected disabilities [Statista]

2% of the 21-64 demographic have a hearing disability [Statista]

2% of the 21-64 demographic have a hearing disability [Statista]

49.1 million people in the world are blind [Loudcloud Health]

What’s Involved in Doing The Right Thing?

How hard is it to add accessibility to your third-party videos and virtual tours and open yourself up to this new audience?

Not hard.

As with so many things, there’s a web app solution for implementing this noble task. You can find the Barnes Creative Studios solution in the Matterport marketplace, but our 360 Accessibility Generator works with other virtual tours from companies like 3D Vista and Kuula, and more.

The important thing to remember is accessibility is added to your existing content, it does not have to be remade. What exactly does hotel website accessibility look like? Take a look at the short video below highlighting the features of an accessible virtual tour we produced for Four Seasons Hotels. You will instantly see the power added to this valuable booking tool. You can also check out more about accessible virtual tours on our website Above

An Invitation

Your time is valuable, but when it comes to increasing inclusivity for those with disabilities, a few moments of your time is fully warranted. Let us show you how your existing third-party videos and virtual tours can be made fully accessible, and cost-effectively. Just book a day and time that’s convenient for you, and let’s start doing what we can to not leave any potential customers out.

Bonus tip: we can load your virtual tours to Google and give you tons of global exposure and search engine optimization.

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