How To Become Your Own Branded Content Star & Generate Social Gold

How To Become Your Own Branded Content Star & Generate Social Media Gold

How To Become Your Own Branded Content Star & Generate Social Media GoldSometimes the best ideas are right in front of your nose. Literally. When you start to think about branded content for your brand, maybe you should look in the mirror? Branded content comes in all flavors and you might not realize that you have a wealth of information in your mind (or co-workers’ minds) that you can turn into social media currency. The big fail is to try and turn branded content into a commercial for your brand. The better play is to focus on education, generosity, and any other outward projection of content that can benefit your brand in the end, albeit indirectly.

[superquote]”The best about these types of branded content is that you can produce them much cheaper than other types of content.”[/superquote]

Think about solving problems, sharing expertise, and benefitting other brands and you will reap the benefits of branded content over and over. If you have a smart social media manager, they can modify your branded content to successfully work into multiple social channels. For example, take a 3 minute interview with a thought leader from your brand and turn it into 10-12 Instagram videos than can run over a 3 month campaign. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are recurring. The key is to script out your branded content to focus on keywords around the area of your expertise. By planning this way, you have built in contextual content built into everything from the titles to the transcript. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you will become a successful thought leader in your space. Remember, for best results write blogs around these topics and house them on your domain’s blog. Embed all your supporting video (YouTube is best for this) and support your video with contextual text in the blog. Take the time to optimize and your video value will skyrocket. A few examples:

1. Generosity: We work with Starwood Hotels & Resorts and their W brand to produce their “Insider” series which is based on generosity. Basically, make your community look like rock stars and feature them. In this case, we used their in house “Insider”, Frank Everet, at the W Dallas who had no experience interviewing or being on camera professionally. He took direction very well and we think pulled it off quite well. If you have ever been on camera, you know it is not easy and especially to be able to interview someone. We love taking that as a challenge and making them into talent that you can use over and over again.

W Dallas Insider Tour | Starwood Hotels and Resorts from Barnes Creative Studios on Vimeo.

2. Thought Leadership: North American Properties is the developer of Avalon in Alpharetta, GA which is a 600 Million dollar project based on some serious core values that are resounding in commercial real estate. By sharing their expertise in technology, walkability and sustainability to name a few, they have produced a compelling series of over 50 videos featuring their top leadership which have garnered thousands of views in the competitive real estate space. They also have great value distributing these videos in social media, in presentations and in publications.

3. Education: When is your next keynote you are giving to peers? That is your next opportunity to create a large amount of branded content. These events should be captured and cut into many videos based on topic. You spent all that time making slides, they will become great “B-roll” in your video. After all the time you spent researching your presentation, why would you not want to share it globally instead of just with a room of a few hundred or thousand people? You can benefit greatly from this massive amount of knowledge you will share over 15-20 minutes at your event. Steve Jobs was the king of the keynote.

The best about these types of branded content is that you can produce them much cheaper than other types of content. Many of your expenses are already covered like talent, location and content. We enjoy helping clients get the most out of their existing assets. If you would like to brainstorm some ideas for your brand, we are happy to help you come up with and execute a plan.

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