Luxury Resorts: ALL About The Experience. Showing Your Assets?

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When marketing luxury resorts, it’s ALL about The Experience. Showing Your Assets? Branded content has been around for a long time and comes in many flavors. My favorite flavor is the experiential flavor. This flavor explodes when you look at it. It begs you to try it. It has power over emotions and cravings and can make you weak. It’s been known to make you do impulsive things like book a trip that 10 minutes ago you had no idea existed. You would think more luxury resort destinations would be offering this potent delight within their digital brand assets.

It’s not widely available, yet. It is, however, starting to pop up more and more as luxury resort brands are understanding that their static “pool shot” they have used on their website is losing out to the resort down the road that has a short “movie trailer” style of video on their website. It might be time to take inventory of your marketing assets and get into the game of selling the amazing experience that you have with your resort. No one will watch an 8 minute lame video made of still photos and boring, one dimensional, video shots of your resort. The smarter play is keeping it under 2.5 minutes and make it look incredibly tempting. Also, look beyond your property and tie yourself into your location. A great example of this can be found in the brilliant piece (watch below) produced by The Peninsula Shanghai where they market the Shanghai experience melded together with the Peninsula experience. These are not cheap to produce but you will get that money back as you stand out as a destination over your competition.

The Peninsula example is definitely in the “big ticket” category as is something like this we produced for Cousins Properties in Atlanta to market a luxury condominium. For your first foray into the experiential branded content arena you probably aren’t going to commit the big dollars which is smart until you see how much of an asset quality video can be for your brand. However, you need to get in the game and starting smaller would be a safer and wiser play for some. Below are a few case studies from 2 of our Caribbean luxury resort clients that have plenty of sexy “experience” to market, yet had nothing beyond still photos to present them to potential guests.

Cap Maison in St. Lucia is pure luxury with many angles of luxury to sell like fine dining, relaxation, romance, beautiful architecture and many more. We went in and produced a main feature movie (watch below) to invite inquirers in the competitive St. Lucia travel market to EXPERIENCE Cap Maison in under 2.5 minutes. We also broke it down and produced shorter videos focusing on individual luxury experiences which can be used in social media, e mail campaigns, etc.

The W Resort and Spa in Vieques, Puerto Rico has long been a favorite of mine. When I got to work with them I was very excited as I already knew they had tons of “experience” to sell on their island. Have you ever heard of Vieques? It’s an amazing place out of a fantasy book with wild horses running the island and more amazing dining than many metropolitan cities. The W chose to show off their spa, group booking possibilities, and romance “getaway” options tied in with the overall W Vieques experience. They also were smart to get out on the island and capture the essence of the beauty that awaits just outside their entrance. I promise you: after you watch these, Vieques will be an option for your next vacation. 10 minutes ago, you didn’t know that.

Branded content with luxury hotel brands is just starting to warm up and looking into it now will put you in a winning position on many levels in comparison to your competition.  Not to mention the serious search engine optimization that this contextual video will ad to your website. This content will continue to have residual value for your brand for years to come. You can continue to build momentum by adding content slowly and steadily in the future.

You already have the luxury property assets. You simply need to repackage them with the special sauce…the experiential flavor. We are currently booking production for Q1 2014. Please, contact us for more information.

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