Luxury Travel: Easily Awaken The Beast Known as Viral Marketing

Luxury Travel: Easily Awaken The Beast Known as Viral Marketing

Luxury Travel: Easily Awaken The Beast Known as Viral MarketingIt’s the ingredient that alludes most and is sought after by many in the luxury travel industry as well as many other industries. They all want to know what they can do to make their marketing be a viral hit. A viral hit can be a difference maker as it infiltrates your die hard fans friends and friends of friends. When you talk about marketing luxury travel, this viral element can increase your business like you have never seen before. So, how do you get this magic?

Luxury Travel: Easily Awaken The Beast Known as Viral MarketingThere are a couple elements, one that you are probably already doing, that can position you for major success with marketing luxury travel. I am going to share with you how we unlocked major viral marketing power for one of our luxury travel resort clients named Secret Bay on the beautiful island of Dominica (Dah-min-EE-ka) in the West Indies. Facebook is a major part of their marketing strategy. Before we launched the following strategy their biggest success ever was a handful of likes and comments, here and there. With our strategy, within 3 days they had 396 likes, 86 comments, over 500 shares and the post had been seen by over 55,000 people. They only have just over 2000 likes on Facebook. That is some serious viral traction amongst like minded friends, family and associates. How do you do it?

Viral is driven by passion, emotion, inspiration, love, excitement, and generosity to name a few. With luxury travel many of the mentioned are great triggers to inspire viral action. In this case, we started with capturing the property in a “movie-trailer” style video driven by romantic music that captured the essence of the experience at Secret Bay (Watch below). The expense of this video is less than you would imagine and it only took us 1 week to shoot, edit and have this prepared for launch.

Once you have your video you have to do the hardest part which is hold off blasting it out to everyone you know. We went the route of having a “World Premiere” and we directed it first at the passionate fan base that Secret Bay had already been gathering for a few years. It’s called your e mail newsletter database! This is a gold mine because these people are huge advocates and when it comes to selling luxury travel they are your viral launch pads. For the purposes of this strategy, upload your video straight to Facebook (of course, you should also put it on YouTube and others but for this you want it on Facebook) so you have 1 less click your fans have to jump over. Also, when loading directly to Facebook you get a much larger preview image on your Facebook post. Upload the post, take a screen shot of it, and prepare a preview image with a “play” icon and any text you want. Add that image in your newsletter and link it directly to the Facebook post. Be sure you have the direct link to the post and not just a link to your Facebook page. Stand back and watch your fans take over. You can see how Secret Bay executed here in their actual newsletter.

Your fans WANT to help you. The key is making it easy for them to help you. We’d be glad to help you prepare a video and guide your luxury travel marketing towards viral if you need us. Here are some examples of some of the other luxury travel spots we have shot.

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