Marketing Ideas for Private Villas

Marketing ideas for private villas that are most effective show off the context of the property. The context of the property can be a great selling point but so can the context of the nearby area. Here’s a case study from the amazing Turks and Caicos Islands of a private villa called Sapphire Villa. I chose Sapphire as the case study because it is not right on the water and the context could help them compete with the villas directly on the beach. For example, you could rent this villa for much less than a beachfront villa, but you want to know what you are getting before you invest.



The video above is only twenty-three seconds but you very quickly get an idea of just how close the beach really is to the villa. This video could be used in many ways including on social media, within the virtual tour, and also on their website.



Now let’s dive into the onsite context with a virtual tour both inside and outside of the villa. Our virtual tours give the customer all the information they need to understand your villa. Take a walk through the tour below and you will find many features that allow you to move through the villa very quickly. We have also integrated a drone shot you can jump up to and then hit another button to fly over to the beach.



Virtual tours convert business. It has been proven time and time again that they outperform photos and even videos as customers want the truth. They don’t want limited views or doctored photos when deciding to book your villa. Jump inside and take a look around below.

Now here is the secret sauce if you want to get your listing in front of a lot of eyeballs. As a Google Partner, we can add your virtual tour directly on to Google Maps. We can even add the drone sky panoramas. This takes your virtual tour to a global audience. This is especially important as more people use Google Maps when they are investigating a vacation. People will go to an area on the map and start quickly looking for options. When we load your virtual tour to the map that is a huge advantage over those that don’t bother taking this step. Someone could stumble upon your villa and walk right inside to explore. If you have properly filled out and claimed your Google listing that will give your potential renter a direct easy contact with you. 

Another way the Google addition is powerful is that you can take your google version of the tour and embed it in your website for added search engine optimization value. Google loves when you connect everything and feature your Google listing. You can see the Google version of the virtual tour below. Note that Google throttles the resolution and also strips custom features, but remember the power lies in the SEO value and audience amplification.

All of this is very inexpensive to do and we can even dream up more ideas based on your specific use case. Contact us for more information on getting you cranked up for success with your villa rental.

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