Make Accessible Virtual Tours with 360 AG

360 AG™ (patent pending) is the world’s #1 easy, do-it-yourself tool for making virtual tours accessible and inclusive.


Virtual tours should be accessible to those with disabilities, whether that’s in the United States and Canada, or anywhere else in the world where some 20% of the population has a disability of some kind. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article,: “Companies with revenue of less than $50 million were the targets of two-thirds of digital-accessibility complaints so far this year, a shift from a year earlier, when the share was less than half, according to a report from UsableNet.”

With 360 AG™ (Patent Pending – 360 Accessibility Generator) by Barnes Creative Studios, making accessible virtual tours is fast, affordable, and so easy that you can do it yourself right on our platform. Our 360 Accessibility Generator benchmarks at the WCAG 2.1 AA level.

Let’s Get You Started with Accessible Virtual Tours

Barnes Creative Studios is the unchallenged leader in this space, having made virtual tours accessible for major enterprise organizations for well over a year. This process can be full-service or 100% self-serve for any organization anywhere in the world.

Clicking an icon in the tour puts the user into the accessible version of the tour, where a tab of rooms surfaces in the revealed screen reader. Hitting the Tab key cycles through each room, where a description of that room is read aloud to the user. All you do is name the rooms and enter the descriptions to be read. If you prefer someone else to write the descriptions, we offer that as an add-on service. 360 Accessibility Generator gives you the embed codes to place the tours on your site. There has not been a complete, robust, self-serve solution to make virtual tours accessible until now.

There’s no reason to limit the reach of your virtual tours. Make your content available to everyone and avoid problems with the first all-encompassing web app solution of its kind, 360 AG™ (360 Accessibility Generator) by Barnes Creative Studios.


Give it a test drive below in this live demo:

360 AG™ (360 Accessibility Generator)
by Barnes Creative Studios™
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