Resort Drone Video for marketing excellence

Resort Drone Video: Your Property is Flying High with Impact

Resort drone video production has increased popularity because it provides marketing power. First of all, a hotel or resort can capture novel angles and views of a property. Also, resort drone video captures an amazing perspective of a property in new unimagined ways.

“Since the video was released, we hear the word “wow” frequently. What more could we ask for?” – Ross Stevenson, GM at Cap Maison, St. Lucia.

Furthermore, since drones fly so low, resort drone video allows magical shots that a full size helicopter could never achieve. This video style shows context to your future guests.

However, the resort drone video process includes much more than simply launching a drone and capturing an image. Due to a number of factors, marketers need to clearly know if their candidate is a professional video producer.

Barnes Creative Studios used impressive drones to capture the true beauty and magic of the island with images impossible from a regular video camera. They produced an extraordinary and inspiring story of life at Kamalame.” – Michael King, Director, Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

Ultimately, pay attention to important technical points so you can hire an experienced producer. Ask questions like the ones below to get your money’s worth and as a result a much higher return on your investment.

Resort Drone Video: Recommendations and Guidelines:

  • Is there a drone shadow in the final video?
  • Is the video shaky or unstable?
  • Is the “fish-eye” effect present in the video?
  • Is the video the proper length for your audience?
  • Is the color corrected in the final video?

In conclusion, resort drone video should be an important part of your marketing strategy. People battle for eyes on the internet and no one will watch a long, unprofessional video.

Barnes Creative Studios delivers the highest quality video production. We also maintain a perfect safety record. Most importantly, we are FAA approved and have a lengthy list of very satisfied customers all over the globe. BCS works with brands including Starwood Resorts, The PGA, Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, and many more.