St. Regis Punta Mita – Luxury 3D Virtual Tours & Video Show The Customer Experience

“Using Barnes Creative Studios (approved Starwood video producer) was incredibly beneficial as they truly understand how to tell a great story, used top of the line cinematic equipment, and have a very small production footprint. Their understanding of our brand and content goals makes it so easy and they turned the video around in 48 hours. I highly recommend their services.” 
– Carl Emberson, General Manager, St. Regis Punta Mita

Case Study: The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort in Mexico

Goal: Show the customer experience that awaits at this world’s best beach resort using video, 3D virtual tours and social media.

We took on this project working with an amazing cast that truly know their guests and knows how to make them happy. SHOWING the customer experience that awaits is crucial as the competitive market for travel dollars heats up.

Asset #1: The Property Video (seen above)

Video has to be succinct to succeed these days. Keeping it under 2 minutes is important as attention spans are shorter than ever. This means in that 120 seconds you have a lot to touch on to tell and sell your story from a global perspective. Look at the property video as your “movie trailer” that pulls the guest in. In this case, we have found that driving the story with music works very well. We find it very important to have a very precise mix of property global shots with our drones to show sense of place and scope of the property. Weaving in the awaiting experiences are the icing on the cake with the best music to evoke emotion and desire to visit your property. Now you have them hooked…close the deal…

Asset #2: 3D Virtual Tours

Now that you have the guests attention, you have to give them a reason to close the deal and schedule their vacation with you. Flat, doctored, one dimensional images are not the answer. We offer the latest 3D virtual tour technology and all over our luxury clients are loving it as it helps with everything from initial booking and upgrades to group sales and real estate sales. These tours are inexpensive, mobile optimized and loaded with marketing power. They are also easily converted to virtual reality to be used in VR goggles like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear which are a huge marketing asset and will only get bigger as they become more mainstream in 2016 and beyond. See the entire collection of St. Regis Punta Mita 3D virtual tours here and jump right into the Presidential Suite below…

Asset #3: Social Media Content

It’s vital to have content for your social media channels that is both enticing, not too self serving and triggers emotional responses that ultimately get potential guests on your website investigating a visit. Once they get there, you will have tons of content, hopefully, that we loaded you up with to help close the deal. A smart social media team/leader is so important to making social media have any sort of ROI. The St. Regis Punta Mita has an incredible manager of their social media (Hi Maile!!) that truly understands the importance. All of your social streams are important but Instagram leads the pack when it comes to travel. The ability to create :15 mini movie trailers is social media gold if optimized properly. Many of clients choose for us to produce many of these “mini movie trailers” using both footage from the property video but also outtakes that work well in this scenario. Below is an example which was the first post using our latest content for this property. Engagement was in the top 5% of all of their posts. Images and especially video are powerful forms of media that you should be leveraging daily.

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