Taking CRE Office Space Marketing To The Next Level with Virtual Tours

UPDATE: Within 90 days a lease was written on this space using the assets we created using drone and 3D virtual tour technology. Congrats CBRE!

Taking Commercial Real Estate Office Space Marketing To The Next Level is important as building and leasing are at an all time high. With all the factors being considered by a possible tenant, it’s important to stand out and make an impact. CBRE had the advantage of offering top level office space at one of the countries top new mixed use developments called Avalon. These days, marketers can no longer take inferior photos and call it a day. It’s imperative to set your office space apart with high quality production elements that showcase your office space apart from the millions of other square feet available in the area. How do you do that?

[su_quote]”Decision makers aren’t always able to tour every property, this 3D clarity gives them a real feel for the space and ensures your building is in consideration”. -Peter McGuone, 1st Vice President, CBRE[/su_quote]

In our teaming with CBRE, our first goal was to show this massive 28,443 square foot prime office space in a way that made it easy to view for anyone, anywhere and at any time. For this, we used our virtual tour camera that is a special camera with 9 lenses that uses infrared to capture the entire space. The proprietary software then converts the data into an interactive 3D virtual tour of the office space. This new technology is mobile friendly which is an impactful differentiator from virtual tours of the past. Benefits of this tour are endless: showing the space 24/7, save time on the phone, save travel fees for potential leasers, impact a decision maker miles away. This is just the beginning of value.
Now, to add some cool magic and production value. It’s time to incorporate aerial cinematography and special effects. We captured beautiful 4K, ultra HD, footage of some of the office space development to mix with some elements of the 3D virtual tour. It’s important to note this video is not from a toy carrying a Go Pro camera. The resolution on these cameras is nowhere near the level when using a professional camera which means using a professional level aerial device. You can check out the actual gear here. It’s also important to note that we are fully insured to operate this equipment to capture this level of content. Capturing this type of video with no insurance could create liability problems.

We took this aerial footage and combined it with the 3D virtual tour to give the full service illusion of touring the property both from the air and inside the space. We topped it off with some eye catching text special effects that highlight some office space selling points during the tour. This traditional video created from the virtual tour elements and aerial video produce a truly unique viewing experience of viewing the property for your potential leaser. This also gives you a two pronged attack as you can use this traditional video to upload to YouTube for the search engine optimization benefit. It’s a simple as this: in the “info” field on your YouTube video include the link to the 3D virtual tour for those that wanted to delve deeper inside the experience of the office space. Take a look at the video below:

Another valuable aspect of this production is that you could reuse the media again once your space became available again. You could also reduce cost for producing media in the same location as you would already have aerial footage to combine with the virtual tours of the other available office space available at that same location.

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