The Ultimate Hotel Sales Team Hook – Resort Overview Tour

Resort Virtual Tour for Sales Teams

The ultimate sales tool is one that puts context in a bottle for your potential guests. We call it the Resort Overview Virtual Tour. Think about how well you know your hotel and how little some of your potential guests know about it. Our resort overview tour is an incredible way to quickly share as much as you want about your property. It doesn’t have to be a resort, we also create this for urban hotels which takes on a whole new feel.

You can feature your hotel on a Zoom call, in person meeting or even by sending one link of this overview virtual tour of your hotel. I have heard first hand from sales teams about how they are using this to convert large groups. Watch the video above to see a quick walk through of the powerful features of this resort overview virtual tour.
The resort overview virtual tour opens up with a drone shot high above your property. From that incredible vantage point you can quickly hop down to any part of the hotel that we have captured for you. Most of our hotel clients are having us capture any area that can be used as a gathering area for large groups. They also have us capturing all of the different room types.

You can start small and get the base hotel overview virtual tour in place and then start adding areas over a few years until you have your whole property captured. Having your resort in your pocket will pay dividends as you are able to proudly show off your value proposition at a moment’s notice.
Go ahead and jump into The Four Seasons Resort and Residences in Anguilla below. You’ll learn a lot about this amazing property very quickly. Enjoy! Contact us to get on our schedule to get a hotel overview tour for your property in motion. We currently have a special that includes 3 free room type virtual tours with purchase of the resort overview virtual tour.

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