The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Construction Update Video.

Google-View-featuredThe ultimate commercial real estate construction update video could come in many flavors. We offer many types of applications depending on the end game for your asset…marketing, surveying, crop health stats and more. Below are a few highlighted possibilities to consider for your next short or long term construction project.

Construction Drone Mapping

Drone mapping is an excellent tool for construction updates. Drone mapping is where we capture all of the data from your construction site and can turn it into several different assets to visualize data or even visualize upcoming areas that might not be yet constructed but coming soon. Drone mapping can also be used for georeferenced orthorectified maps, accurate topographic modelling, crop analysis and 3D models to name a few. Construction drone mapping could be done in any number of intervals and produces great results.

Construction Animation from Drone Mapping

One use for your data could be to create an animation of your data which can be presented in any way you choose. The example below is a generic example of the data and it is also possible to add other graphics or call outs all throughout the video. You might want to call out features, construction milestones, highlights or attractions in the making.

Here is an example of a video animation with added graphics:

Construction 3D Model

Construction 3D models are a very interesting, unique way to view your project. The model can be embedded into one of your web pages and the user can tour the construction site at their own pace. In the example below you will also see some call out capabilities we can add to the 3D model (click on the numbers you see when you launch the model). If the user has VR glasses they could easily load your site and take a look in VR mode straight from this internet embedded model. Also worth mentioning that you can also 3D print a copy of your construction site that would look like a small replica!

Here is another example construction site, Phase 2 of Avalon in Alpharetta, GA, in the early stages of production:

Construction Standard Video

Construction Standard Video is back to reality and a great tool for everything from marketing and recruiting to PR and executive meetings. In the example below we combine animated rendering scenes of what is to come with up to date live video scenes to show a comparison of now to what is to come.

There are many options and we are happy to help you explore what is best for your construction project.

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