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Barnes Creative Studios delivers cinematic marketing videos from cinematographers and professional drone pilots with years of experience. But, sometimes you already have some great video and images and just need professional video editing services. We help everyone from hotels and real estate brokers to industrial companies and law firms. We even help matchmakers! If you need an edit we can help with fast turnaround.

This is your movie trailer so make it pop like this example we created for Colliers commercial real estate brokers.

There are many additions you can also make to an existing video to give it new life. We can help you add a strategic voice over for search engine value or we can also spruce up your graphics to give your video a fresh, modern look. We produce these videos starting at only $499 – Contact Us today to get started!

We stay on top of the latest in high-tech marketing to help you leverage innovative technologies to showcase your properties.

video editing services by barnes creative studios
Scene from one of our video editing services productions.

For example, our Real Estate Map Videos are a great way to demonstrate the value of your property. Our experience with storytelling helps focus your ideas by building a story that’s relatable and easy to digest.

With a map video there are many types of context that we can present using appealing animations to help you get interest in your project. We will help you come up with the plan from the start and engineer and video that will be useful in everything from a Zoom call to social media.

There are many examples in our portfolio. Let us craft something equally memorable for you. Check out this case study below for a look into how we can freshen up an existing video of yours.

Contact us today to take advantage of unique video content for your meetings, on your website, and in all of your social streams.

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