5 Tips to Master Your Branded Video Content

Using video is an amazing way to sell your product or market your brand creatively. As eyes continue to focus on Facebook and Twitter streams for engaging content, make sure you are doing all you can with the organization of the message and mechanism to win in the video arena.

1. Know Your Audience. Are you entertaining B2B? B2C?  The content will have a different tone depending on who you are aiming for with your content. In our case, we make content with Marketers in mind. For example, we produce a weekly show called Social Soup where we report on the biggest stories in Social Media Marketing. We keep it short, fun and informative and hope marketers find out about something cool they might have missed that week. We brand the content and leave it at that…no hard core sales pitch.

2. Focus Your Content. Be precise. Be informative. Don’t turn off your audience with over-the-top shilling of your product or brand. Put together great ideas and attach your brand or product AROUND the content not AS THE CONTENT.

5 Tips to Master Your Branded Video Content

3. Name Your File Properly. Take a second and name your actual video file that you are going to upload EXACTLY what it is for great SEO benefits. Search Engines will grab that information and move you way up the results page if your file is named properly. If you have a video of Phil Mickelson playing golf, name it “Phil_Mickelson_Golf_Tips.mov” instead of “Video_330993399339_output.mov”.

4. Use A Publishing Tool. A great tool will make your social process a breeze! Vitrue has a tool called Publisher that will do everything you need from automatically posting at a scheduled time, giving you ability to moderate comments, giving you precise analytics and much more.

5. Have a Release Plan. Plot the best time when your audience can actually consume your content. For example, if you are producing B2B content, a good plan might be to schedule a release between 8 and 10 am the first time and then a few days later between 4 and 5 pm. You will hit a mostly entirely new audience each time. You could publish the same content 3 or 4 times at different times and never hit the same target twice since people have different social media stream viewing habits.

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