Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing has become highly competitive. Video has become the best way to showcase important assets. Now more now than ever you can use the power of professional video marketing to make a difference in your CRE marketing.

With Barnes Creative Studios you can expect the best commercial real estate video marketing from a micro budget al the way up to a blockbuster. We specialize in aerial perfection from professional pilots and cinematographers that have years of experience crafting cinematic commercial real estate marketing videos.

We can help you create eye-catching content from your properties that get interest in your offering. From storyboard to that last shot you can trust that we will deliver a video that will get your customers talking about your project.

A fully produced cinematic commercial real estate video is very popular.

The luxury hotel market has the right idea using these types of videos to market the complete experience.

To be effective you have to show the experience that you are offering and do it quickly.

Show off your assets with high quality production that not only features your commercial real estate but also the area around your property.

Sell with commercial real estate video images that match with the feel of your brand.


This commercial real estate video uses everything from drone shots and mixed reality to actors and map animations. It worked as demand increased from top global brands who leased for their headquarters. It starts with intense planning and strategic execution. It’s our specialty at Barnes Creative Studios.

Take a look around our portfolio for inspiration from some of the top commercial real estate brands that trust Barnes Creative Studios to produce content for them.

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